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Having been legal experts in Hialeah for more than 30 years, our company is in a unique position to offer our clients the strategic and practical legal counsel they require to succeed.

We help people in solving legal issues

Immigration Matters

Experience in handling immigration legal disputes and provide guidance on navigating the complexities of international laws and jurisdiction.

Spousal Support

Representation for spousal support, whether through negotiation or litigation. This can include determining the amount of support, as well as the duration of the support.

Child Support

Determine appropriate child support payments, including calculating the amount owed and ensuring compliance with court orders.

Property Division

Protecting assets and wealth during a divorce or other legal proceedings. We will work with you to develop a strategy to safeguard your financial future.

Family Law Appeals

We help clients who have been through a family law case and are not satisfied with the outcome.

Separation & Divorce

We provide advice on rights, obligations and options during divorce consultation.

How It Works


During the initial consultation, we will discuss your case and provide guidance on your legal rights and options.​


After the consultation, we will work with you to develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals.​

Take Action

With a clear strategy in place, we will take the necessary legal actions to represent you and protect your interests.​